5 Best Types of Swaddle Blankets for Babies

Swaddling means wrapping up the infants with a blanket or sheet. This wrapping up is called swaddling which makes the babies feel safe and secure. It is very ancient practice, used by several cultures since centuries. It is still used and is gaining popularity especially in UK. Parents have noticed that swaddling up the babies also makes them easily go to sleep and calms the baby when they start crying excessively. There are many swaddle blanket baby shops where you can get good swaddle blanket so you should know some fabrics that could be best for swaddling.

1.         Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Cotton Muslin swaddle blankets are the best and the most suitable for wrapping up the babies due to many reasons. Since it is very light weight it can be easily wrapped around especially during summers. It’s softness can be tested by just touching it and the smooth texture will show you how comfy it will be for the baby. It is flexible and most importantly it is breathable. It allows sweat and moisture to evaporate through it.

2.         Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

Another type of swaddle blanket is of the bamboo fabric. This fabric is made up of bamboo viscose which is known to be 3 times softer than cotton. Moreover, the fabric is hypoallergenic. The new born’s skin is very sensitive and susceptible to skin allergies if introduced to rough blankets. Bamboo fabrics naturally contains ‘bamboo kun’ which makes it anti-microbial. This breathable, soft fabric establishes a safer environment for infants.

3.         Jersey Knit Swaddle Blankets

Jersey knit is another fine choice for swaddle blanket baby. It is known for it’s wearability so you don’t have to worry if the swaddle can withstand prolonged wear. Another satisfactory factor is that jersey knit swaddle blankets are also breathable so that when babies sweat during sleep, the moisture can easily escape and the baby can stay dry and comfy.

4.         Fleece Swaddle Blankets

During the winter time, fleece can be the best choice for swaddling the baby as it is recognised for its warmth and fuzziness. This extremely soft fabric can be perfect for baby swaddles when going out in the winters. Plus it dries up quickly.

5.         Polyester Swaddle Blankets

Many baby blankets are made of polyester due to the soft texture and many reasons. It is also a good choice for swaddles as it is a tough and strong fabric and known for its durability. Polyester swaddles are flexible so that baby can easily stretch the legs and won’t get uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is resistant to creases, does not shrink and dries up quickly.