How to Recover Forget Xfinity Router Admin Password?

It is very easy to hack computers and mobile phones through a Wi-Fi connection. Thus, it is very important to set a new password and username of a router so that no stranger can access it without your permission.

Forgot the password?

Resetting by activating default factory settings:

If you forgot the password or can’t even access to web-based setup page of router, then the best option is to activate the default factory settings of your router. If you want to perform this action, then press and hold the button of reset for almost 10 seconds. When you reset your router to default factory settings, you also get an option of resetting the password of your router.

Every router has default password “admin”. In order to make sure that your router has been reset properly, check the Power LED of it. If it is blinking after pressing the reset button, then it confirms that the router has been reset properly. After resetting, unplug or maybe re-plug the power adapter of router.

Reset router through web-based page setup:

First things to do is to have access to web-based setup page through This can be done by using hardware connection with computer straight to router. This ensures you stable connection and your device will not connect to the other routers.

Click on the option of administration tab and then go to sub-tab of factory default.

After reaching the sub-tab of factory default, you will see an option of restoring the factory default. Click on it.

When you’re done with the process of resetting default settings, make sure to reconfigure your settings in accordance with internet service.

How to change the router’s password:

It is highly recommended to change the router’s default password for the security purposes. If you forget the admin password or the password that you have changed by yourself, follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

Have access to web-based setup page of router.

Step 2:

Go to administration tab.

Step 3:

Management section will be opened where you will have an option of entering new password. Enter the password of your choice and then re-enter in order to confirm. Then click on save the settings. All the devices that have connected to router with the old password will forget it and you have to enter the new password in order to use the internet connection on your devices.