How Towing License in the UK can be good for you!

What is exactly is a towing license? The UK law states that if you have renewed or earned your driver’s license by successfully clearing the tests after 1997, you are free to drive around the country in your car or van with a 3500kg mass, in addition to this, you now permissible to even tow a trailer (750kg maximum mass) to your domestic vehicle as well as long as it abides by the law that the total mass is no more than 3500kg, combined.


There are numerous benefits of a towing license in the UK just waiting out there for you to pursue them. The liberty to carry extra weight with free storage space can be extended in all areas to help you benefit from them.

Most people without earning a towing license would have to rent a lorry or a van to carry their goods around during transportation, adding up to the cost. Even though the total weight of the car and the trailer towed to your car should not exceed 3500kg, there are always good which may not weigh as much but are greater in surface area and hence can be accommodated into the likes of that trailer, hence saving you a ton of cost during transportation. Besides this you can even tow a horse box, a boat, or even a caravan or even help a stranger with a broke down vehicle and give them a lift to the nearest workshop, the options are limitless.

The trailer behind your car can serve in many purposes, it may be modified into a number things to help you live your dreams, and carry out pending fishing activities, long-awaited picnics including the extended family. During such a destination plan for a family holiday, most of the cars are filled with passengers and there is often less space for the mandatory utensils. Well, do not think any further since you have your trailer and the legitimate to the rescue. Plans of going to the beach with your surfboards, or fishing with your own BBQ grill and canoe, transportation plans all sorted!

Towing and Trailer regulations

Even though no such official training is required to gain a license for this yet still according to the law in the UK, there are a few mandatory rules and regulations to abide by when it comes to towing.

  • Size of trailer

The width for a trailer is 2.55 meters and the maximum length allowed is 7 meters, regardless of your car being a MINI or a hummer.

  • Tow bars

Every tow bar which was registered after 1998 approved to be able to meet European Union regulations and need to have a label consisting the number of the vehicle it is approved for.

  • Trailer lights and breaks

Trailer lights are necessary, it needs to have all the mandatory lights that there are on the back of any vehicle and a fog lamp for trailers larger than 1.3 meters in width. They are also supposed to have white reflectors at the front and in case of being 1.6 meters or over, they need to have front position lamps.

In case of the trailer weighing 750kg with the load included, it is necessary to have a brake system for safety.