Dog Collars, Are They Really Important?

Why people need good dog collars

Wandering in a street with your dog is one of the most enjoy able moment in the world. You both enjoy the fresh air, dog getting around you after every two minutes, your stay in a park with a dog at evening, climbing of hilly area together are one of the most enjoyable memories  with a pet. While to make a dog organized he needs a color on which its id name or any representation is written which enhances his beauty.

Collar is basically a decoration and an identification of a dog which made him a unique. Many types of dog collars are provided in a market which have their different quality and a purpose. Some types of collars according to need is defined below;

  • Flat collars

It is the simplest type of a dog collar. It is simply a buckle closure and a plastic ring on which identification is added. It is available in different colors and designs in a market. This type of collars are simply used to identify a pet. While it should not be so tight in dog’s collar and not also so lose that dog get its head out of it. The average gap between the neck and the strip must be two fingers. This type of collars are used when we need to tie a dog for a short period.

  • Head Halter

It is a type of a dog collar which use to control the skull of the dog instead of its neck. This type of collar is often needed when there is a giant dog and it is more powerful than you. It is basically used to control a skull of the dog. It helps you to stop a dog while biting a person. It uses dogs on power to control him. It also allows to tie a dog’s face when needed.

  • Martingale

This type of a collar is made for a dogs who get their face out of the collar. It is made up of a strong material at whose end a ring is used. Basically that ring is a key in this type of collar. Another name for this type of collar is Limited-slipped color. As when dog tries to put his head out of color ring comes in action and works inversely as dog wants. It ties the rope more gently that dog is not able to get rid of it. It not tights the rope so much that the dog starts chocking. It is adjusted according to the size of the dog’s neck.

  • Choke Collar

This type of collar is used to tie a dog when you are going to make an outside visit. Choke collar has a unique quality that made him totally different from other collars. It is simply a collar in which a chain passes through a strong ring. It is the convenient collar for both dog and the owner. When both dog and owner is relaxed the collar is lose and if any one of them is stretching a rope it will be tight.