How to use Facebook to get more YouTube subscriber and views

The millions of people using YouTube are also using Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform. It has such a huge number of daily active users. It would be a wise decision to use Facebook to promote one’s YouTube channel. The best way to grow your YouTube channel and to increase likes and views is via Facebook Ads.

How to use Facebook Ads to grow your channel

Optimize your videos

Other than content, what matters most is how you are presenting your content to the viewers. Before uploading the video, create a thumbnail that catches attention at once. Make sure that you do not include a lot of text into the thumbnail because it will make it look less appealing. Moreover, Facebook ads doesn’t allow a lot of text on thumbnail. You can also add subtitles to your videos to make them more engaging.

Upload a video

Post a video and evaluate whether the content is performing well. You would have to analyze what content is more appealing and unique to the audience. You wouldn’t want to put money into something that isn’t liked by your audience.


Designing Campaign & Ad set

The next step is to convert the video into an ad. You have to make audience watch your content. Go to the ads manager and create a campaign. You will be asked to name it. Furthermore, you will have to decide the objective for the video views. After creating the campaign, you have to create the ad set. This step is to analyze who is going to be your target audience. You have to target the right people, the ones who have already given a thumbs up to your Facebook page.

Creating the ad

After creating the ad set, you have to create the ad. The key is to use an existing video that has already been optimized for higher engagement. All you have to do is click on “Use Existing Post.” Secondly, choose the video and your ad will be generated.

Benefits of using Facebook for growing YouTube channel

It helps you build an audience

Facebook can help you build audience and target the right people through ads. If they like your content, they will definitely go to your YouTube channel to view other videos posted by you as well. People might leave a comment on your YouTube video which will enhance the levels of engagement and make your content popular. You just need to find the right people to convert them into the target audience.

Increasing views and subscribers

Ad campaigns can help you grow your channel to international boundaries if done right. You will be spending a little amount of money if we compare it to the benefits it holds for your channel. It can help you grow views as well as YouTube subscribers. That is what matters. The more subscribers, the more views you will be getting for your content. The number of views will reflect how successful you are in the world of YouTube.