Why IELTS Writing Is Difficult Than Other Modules?

Taking a good score means seven bands in IELTS means you can easily get admission in institutes that require native English. If you have the required IELTS score then it means you can get admission to one of the 10,000 organizations across 140 countries. The score for IELTS is required in schools, immigration authorities, for the job and the government portal. You not only get admission in universities but also get an opportunity to get a job in the foreign.

Now you may be thinking about what basic criteria are required for passing the exams and which module needs attention. Basically, IELTS is divided into two main versions is Academic and general. Both are further divided into four modules. These include speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Each one has its own scores and the average score of all of these is the total score for passing the exam. The IELTS score range from 1 to 9. 1 is the lowest, 9 is the highest. Usually, there is a need to take 6 or 7 bands to pass the requirement. Among all modules, the writing module is known as the toughest one.

Why Writing Module Difficult?

It is said that writing requires proficiency. The marks are uncertain in this section. There is a need for a realistic plan as well as consistent practice to pass these modules. Now you may be thinking about how you can cover up this section efficiently?

For this you have to practice hard. There is a need to manage the time. you must write again and again to cover up your two sections within 60 minutes. One short essay has to be written in 20 minutes while another one in 40 minutes. Therefore, it is essential to do writing practice by keeping in mind the statement and facts. Pay attention to composition structure and vocabulary, coverage depth, punctuation, grammar, logical reasoning, focusing on the topic, and making a conclusion.

Tips To Make A Writing Module Easy

It is important to follow the guidelines below to cover this section efficiently. For this try to stay on the particular point. Write with the same flow. Don’t divert. Rather write with continuity. Try to stay aside notion from the beginning till you end.

  • Focus on grammar and punctuation. Don’t ignore as it creates a poor impression if you don’t care about grammatical errors.
  • Your writing style must be effective. Write short sentences, avoid passive voice, and use transition words to create an impressive essay.
  • Last but not least provide authentic facts on yoru topic. This will create a positive impression and help to keep the examiner involved in the essay. Otherwise, he may stop in the center that will badly affect our IELTS score.

These are a few tips to focus on. Every module needs attention. But if you feel writing a difficult goal then practices hard. Read your essay again and again to understand your week points, to bring proficiency, write on a daily basis with correct grammar use and the right vocabulary.